Question of the Month – December 2017 Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and while I’m quite late for this, I still wanted to participate in the last Question of the Month for this year. So, as you may know…Question of the Month is a... Continue Reading →

Gaming Gripes – Are Video Games Bad For Us?

There’s something about how society has viewed video games and gamers alike for the past 40 years now. Yet while it has either been in awe or disgust, through scientific studies or simple experiments, there has been both a positive... Continue Reading →

Wizards, Witches and Magic in a New AR Game?!

It’s no secret that when Pokémon was celebrating their 20th century with the new upcoming Sun and Moon at the time, Niantic Inc. came out with their newest Augmented Reality (AR) game for both Android and iOS called Pokémon GO.... Continue Reading →

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Review (PS4)

Developer - DICE Publisher - Electronic Arts Release Date - June 7, 2016 Platform - PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One One day a company in Swedish fields of green by the name of DICE, developed a game that would be... Continue Reading →

Does It Matter Where You Play Your Games?

For many years now, a war has been raged against hundreds, if not thousands of people on the Earth. All hidden from what you would normally see walking through the streets, hearing people talk. No, this is something you easily... Continue Reading →

Super Lucky’s Tale – Preview Article

Super Lucky's Tale is an Indie 3D platformer coming out for the PC and Xbox One. Developed by Playful Corp and published by Microsoft this game shows a lot of promise while giving us a feeling of Nostalgia and keeping... Continue Reading →

Cozy Talk – A Late October Update

Hi there, as I have now been happily writing what I could do for the blog this month gave a spike that surprised me enough, in which I almost fell out of my chair, spilling coffee everywhere in my apartment.... Continue Reading →

The Snowman Review: More of a Meltdown!

This movie caught my interest, since firstly it would be set in Norway, secondly a bunch of great actors would be playing characters based on the story by Norwegian writer Jo Nesbø and thirdly, that by the looks of the... Continue Reading →

Big Mouth Review: Relatable with Dark Humor

This series came as a surprise when I saw it arrive on Netflix, at first and I will be honest with you here, the art didn’t really catch my interest. However, after reading the summary and watching episode 1-4 with... Continue Reading →

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