Hi there! My name is Trinity and welcome to my blog. A place where I talk about the things I love, which is the media industry but there’s a more emphasis on the video game industry involving news, reviews and general talk about whatever might seem interesting to look at.
Although a gamer, I’m also a reviewer and lover of the film industry as well. There’s nothing better than to see new movies or series, dive into the stories, characters, even the worlds they are opening up for you to enjoy.

On here you will find me writing about news in the game and film industry that I find interesting to share, there will also be reviews on films, tv-series (mostly on streaming services, since I live in Denmark and don’t have cabel TV) and the occasionally Cozy Talk, where I talk about anything that makes for a thought-provoking topic.

Hope you’ll like it here and if you do, click the follow button to stay up to date for when I post. If nothing else, you can find me on my¬†Twitter, where I’m highly active when not working on other projects.

Stay Cozy and have a nice day!