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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 5

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Through all of September, I’m doing a 30 Day Anime Challenge inspired by Keiko. It’s the first time I’ll be tackling a challenge like this.

Every day I will be answering a question laid out in the picture below to the best of my abilities. I hope you will enjoy it.

Day 5 – What is your guilty pleasure anime?

Not so much a specific anime as I’m not ashamed to talk about the various anime I’ve watched all my life. To be honest, my guilty pleasure anime would instead be a certain genre instead.

Which is going to be Harem anime, for some reason there’s just something about a series where one man/girl are surrounded by a group of people interested in them.

Favorite four harem animes I’ve ever watched is:

Amagami SS/Amagami SS+ Plus
Amagami SS

There will never be a series like this one again, every harem anime should learn from this series and actually give all the girls/boys a beginning, middle and end with the main character. A thing I love about this series is how they delve into what makes a relationship between two characters, and what might come after some years have gone by.

Albeit the episodes are short, do give them a watch as you will easily find the best pairing from the characters available to the main character.

Grisaria no Kajitsu (The Fruit of Grisaria)
the fruit of grisaia

Best harem protagonist ever, while the female cast is interesting with their personal dark stories as well. It’s Yuuji Kazami who in the beginning seems like the same boring one-note protagonist. Suddenly appears to be somebody who doesn’t give a flop to what the girls are doing (Tsundere trying to throw a tantrum and punch out? He won’t let it happen).

The World God Only Knows
the world god only knows

It’s the God of Harems, not much else to be said than if you haven’t watched it. Go do it!

Monogatari Series
monogatari series

There’s something to be said about the monogatari series. Want supernatural stuff? It’s there with an interesting twist on Japanese folklore. Want cute girls? Well, they’re there as well.

It’s a show that’s hard to describe but holy hell it looks amazing. Shaft really outdo themselves with this series, and you definitely should watch all of them.


Last Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed the fifth entry in this ongoing 30 days anime challenge that I’m tackling. What are your picks for a guilty pleasure anime? If you don’t have one, let me know how come down in the comments below.

Look forward to tomorrow’s entry when another question will be answered.

Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

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