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30 Day Anime Challenge Begins!

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Challenges! For the media industry which I often talk about, I’ve never done a monthly challenge before as I was taking a gander at the reader section on WordPress, wondering what to write about this month. A post suddenly sprang forth from Keiko’s Anime Blog about doing a 30 Day Anime Challenge. Never done one of these before, so here we are!
I will be cheating a bit since it’s the 4th of October, but that means this post will encompass four days’ questions to ask.

30 Day Anime Challenge
What is the challenge exactly? Every day for the whole month, I answer a question to the best of my abilities in a post. Hopefully, this will spark a discussion between you and me, or even you, the readers where I get to hear what your picks answers would be different from my own.

So here’s what will happen. For today dear readers, you get a Day 1-4 DLC bundle in a month-long season pass, answering the questions laid out by Keiko for this month’s 30 day anime challenge I’ll be tackling for the first time. Hope you enjoy it, let’s get to answering!


Day 1 – What was your first anime?

An interesting thing about this is as an avid anime watcher or well, just an avid series watcher in general. I still remember to this day when my family was in Jutland during Summer vacation, little Trinity was sitting in the living room switching between a few channels to find at least something interesting to watch.

What popped on did not only catch me by surprise but by the gods, the voice acting in German just instantly pulled you in on what was happening on the screen. I also remember the many hours just watching anime in the trailer with my little sister. So the exact first anime will be hard to determine. Since there’s One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon, Digimon, Dragonball/DragonballZ, Sailor Moon, Beyblade, Shaman King, Love Hina, and others, I might forget that I’ve watched.

Remember it was at a time where one is a kid, think we would need to look towards a different time which indeed is the time where I became a lover for the anime industry that still lasts to this day.

Instead, let us jump to my teenage years. Think it was around the age of 16 or 17 that an old friend back then invited me over to hang out, also where I met the one who would become my first girlfriend but we’re not here to talk about relationships.
No, we at my friend’s place sat down and watched an anime series that I still remember to this day and love the story.

That series was none other than:
dn angel

Yup, it’s D.N. Angel, can’t exactly say what it was about the series that captivated me, but it wasn’t the looks of the characters. Think it was the mixture between action, supernatural, and the battle between good and evil in which the light/darkness had switched around.
Plus, who doesn’t remember the fact that their “swords” used in the opening and throughout the series were their feathers?



Day 2 – Who was your first anime crush?

Oh, we’re talking about this type of topic? It’s not even Valentine’s Day yet, but alright, I’ll bite.

rose fullmetal alchemistMy first anime crush is a difficult one to say. I can clearly remember my first crush from a manga, but when it comes to a specific person within anime.

I can’t honestly remember but looking back it might be Rose from Fullmetal Alchemist that captured my interest instantly. Her story was quite sad, but her mature character did make me like her.

Though I think that must also be why I gravitate towards older, more mature characters in anime than the rest.

Day 3 – Do you prefer subs or dubs?

Usually, I prefer subs more than dubs, but as time has passed. We’ve gotten way better voice acting in the dub section (excluding German dub, they are always great for some reason), recently tried to watch The Rising of Shield Hero, which surprised me with how good the English voice acting is.

But for some series, dubbing is way preferred than subbing. Since the dubbing there makes more sense with the characters and you can hear there’s a different emotion put into it. Whereas for many other series, subbing is way better. Since when you are listening to the Japanese voice acting, it’s quite clear how much energy and over the top emotion put into the characters on screen as the story unfolds.

My problem with most of the subbing voices is once you’ve heard a particular type of sound for a specific kind of character. You pretty much have it all and believe me. You are going to listen to that same voice, again and again, doing the same type of emotional output for the same kind of scenario.

Does the same thing happen to dub? Definitely, but that is more for a character arc type (king has a kingly voice is the first one that comes to mind).

The industry is ever-changing, and more voice actors are entering the scene as older leaves for other endeavors. I, for one as an aspiring voice actor myself, is trying to learn the ropes by listening intensely to how the actors deliver the lines for the characters. Plus being a dungeon master helps a bit.


Day 4 – What anime deserves more love?

Chihayafuru and March Comes in Like a Lion are two of the ones I believe needs more attention and love. If you are interested in a different approach to sports and drama storytelling, definitely watch these two.

March Comes in Like a Lion has some of the most beautiful animation and storytelling in the first few minutes of the first episode. The rest keeps you hooked as to how the story will develop.

What is the story? A mixture of shogi and the personal relationships with the main character Rei Kiriyama and the people around him slowly becoming the family he needs. It tackles some heavy topics, has a gorgeous art style and very human characters that don’t feel like a one-note.


Chihayafuru got me not only interested in Japanese karuta, not so much the sport as the poems used in the game itself. Plus it is the only anime in which I learned two full Japanese sentences that are also like singing.

What’s the story here? It’s a sports anime with reasonable amounts of drama to boot. Main character Chihaya battles not only her inner demons but tries to climb towards the top in a game shown in a way that makes look like the best shonen battles to date.
Wish the third season would come soon but for the two right now, it’s definitely worth the watch.


Last Thoughts

Well, I hope these answers gave a better look into my preference of anime but how I go about thinking within the questions given.

So every day in all of September, I will be tackling this anime challenge to the best of my abilities. Thank you once again, Keiko, for inspiring me to try out one of these.
If you can, please go over to her blog and follow her, she writes some interesting articles over there. Swing by and say hi, try to give some cozy vibes.


What are your answers to these? Let me know down in the comments below, and are you looking forward to this type of challenge? Want me to do more?

Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

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7 comments on “30 Day Anime Challenge Begins!

  1. I’m glad you’re taking on this challenge! I hope you enjoy it! 😊
    I have to say, March comes in like a lion is definitely an underappreciated anime. I wish more people would watch it since there is more to it than meets the eye.

    • So far it seems fun, but we are only in the beginning of the month. As for March Comes in Like a Lion, not only is it Shaft doing the animation but it’s the same writer who made Usagi Drop that made this one.

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  6. I think my first anime was Sailor Moon, which used to come on the now defunct UPN (it was channel 57 where I lived, and boy, am I dating myself lol). Me and my high school BFF would watch it every day after school then call each other to discuss. We also collected Sailor Moon cards and dolls. It was such a big deal. I want to re-watch the series and watch the other ones at some point. Oh, we also had the soundtrack. It was one of my many obsessions :p

    First anime crush was one of the Sailor Moon villains. I forget what his name was, but he had silver hair lmao (shock I know…). I think it might have been Malachite? I should’ve known then…

    I prefer subtitles with anime AND video games now that voice acting is a thing in them. I used to be a huge sub snob, but now that I’m older and wiser I’m not. There are even some animes/games I’ll watch/play with the English since it’s well done, and one of my favorite animes was made in English as far as I know: Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (another of my anime crushes).

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