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Final Fantasy XIV gets nude 4K texture pack!

In an article on DSOGaming (also known as The Dark Side of Gaming), news has come out from the mod group Phoenix Mods that they have released a new texture pack for Final Fantasy XIV players with the promise that it will definitely interest a significant number of players.
This mod is described as begin a rework of all female texture maps, which includes naughty as well as sharpened details for all the female characters in the game in good 4K texture.

On the website, the description goes as followed:

“This version is a redone version of the old 4k maps to include highland female this time! (Roes are no longer left out!) Au Ra scales got a major work over and are way more detailed than ever before! All the old maps have been touched up and all the rough edges smoothed out with the various naughty bits sharpened up as well! Much work went into this. Alpha channel for Au Ra maps have had scale blanks added to allow for easy to use tattoo addition or recoloring of scales!

To install: Drop these textures into Documents > Textools > Saved > Character > Body. In textools import the Diffuse, Normal and specular for Au Ra female 1 and 101 and Import Diffuse and normal maps on Midlander female and highlander female! ENJOY **WARNING** (Textools WILL probably crash a lot due to each file being 46mb. As long as resolution in lower left changes to 2048×4096 the texture map has imported)”

It must be mentioned that there is a little extra detailing, though I will not put it in this article nor any pictures that follows the mod (more information as to why further down).

For those of you that are interested in downloading the mod, you can do so from here on NexusMods.
Now while I know of NexusMods and how well they are at making mods for nearly every game, where I mostly knew it for Bethesda games it did came as a surprise there also were mods for Final Fantasy XIV (possibly even for the others in the series as well). There is a good place for these mods and it makes me happy to see how much people are willing to develop a game further which in turn can help them land a job at a game company.

However, I will not put pictures and encourage people do use these here and the reason for it is very simple.
The same way I never cuss or write “bad language” in my Gaming Gripes series, or in any of the other articles I’ve made on my website, is because I want things to be civil and respectful. To me that doesn’t happen if you go beyond that and it might not be the same completely, but it’s still towards straying away from being family friendly.

Which is why you can read more on the article and on the NexusMods website, there you can figure out what you want with it yourself.
Nevertheless, I do want to know what you guys’ thoughts on this, write it down in the comments and let us talk about it.

—– UPDATE —–

As of today, the author have hid the mod on the website of NexusMods, so only those that have downloaded the mod and others might know where it has hid itself in the vast sea of the internet.


Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

5 comments on “Final Fantasy XIV gets nude 4K texture pack!

  1. Hm. Interesting… *backs away slowly* 🙂

    • That was my first thought of it as well, but it’s still news and quite fascinating that some will actually work on this for others to enjoy. A strange, yet warm community that does something for each other 🙂

  2. When I click the link it says it’s hidden. Was it removed?

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