Funcom Teasing New Game!

Funcom, the creators of Conan Exile, Dreamfall, Secret World Legends and many more, has sent out on their website and Facebook page a message that lead to a website where we are introduced to a bar with a countdown and a cryptic note leading to the date of February 28th.

The meaning of the message from what I can understand is that a new game is to be announced on the presented date, given the countdown and what people are talking about on their Facebook page. However, from what I can see it is in some sort of bar, either in a swamp like area, so it could be something with the steampunk setting. Other than that, there is four silhouttes sitting at the bar besides each other, only the names are present: Pripp, Selma, Dux and Bormin.

Who they are and what they are doing will have to be seen as the date of 28th rolls around the corner.

Do you guys have any thoughts on what these new game from Funcom could be? Write it down in the comments.
Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

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