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Big Mouth Review: Relatable with Dark Humor

This series came as a surprise when I saw it arrive on Netflix, at first and I will be honest with you here, the art didn’t really catch my interest. However, after reading the summary and watching episode 1-4 with my brother-in-law, I was hooked. Got home after visiting the family and binge watched the entire season in one go.
One thing I loved about this was the joyful look at when puberty hits you in middle-school, yet it came with a surprisingly twist of having very, albeit American dark humor.

Look up on Google, Youtube, Reddit, basically any website where you can read or talk about puberty, probably the most common description of it will be “awkward.” Even I can remember the many things that happened to me as I went through it years ago, but as the animated show Big Mouth would like to remind you (me as well), going through puberty is not only awkward, it can also be a downright disgusting experience.

The great thing this series does, is not sparing the viewer of any gross details as it dives right into the ever so confusing world of adolescence, with all the rollercoaster of emotions being had, bodily fluids exchanged and knee-jerk masturbatory animalistic instincts it brings. Not only that, it also adds in another layer of fascination by personify puberty for both male and female, as a satyr looking “hormone monsters”. One being the lecherous Maury (voiced by series co-creator Nick Kroll) and the curvaceous Connie (voiced by Maya Rudolp), who also makes it as the best character in the whole show. Both of these creatures follow the main cast and some of the supporting characters as well, trying to “help” them getting accustomed to their new urges, vicious mood swings while keeping to them as the well-known story of the “Imaginary friend” we had as children.

“Jessie talking with Connie” (Courtesy of Netflix)

Being of only 10 episodes, the show is overall quite silly and often comes with an abundant of jokes that can seem ridiculous just for the sake for being funny or raunchy. The character of Maury is a clear walking, talking, 4th wall breaking cesspool of profanity who easily takes advantage of Netflix’s lack of censors (if a show doesn’t put it in themselves). One of the episodes that takes this weirdness to the max is in when the character of Jay, accidentally impregnates a pillow and must face the consequences that comes with it…being the fact he is a classmate to the main cast.

However, what really makes Big Mouth stand out from other series like it, is not the sum of its jokes but the fact that when looking past its very dark humor. There lies an enormously sympathetic heart which makes the show all the more relatable to oneself.

One of the characters, Andrew is growing almost despite himself, going on to having a patchy mustache while almost animalistic masturbating every night to fantasies of his father’s assistant. On the other end, we have his best friend Nick (also voiced by Kroll) is still stuck in his preadolescence, barely as tall as Andrew, lacking the sex drive that’s slowly but surely taking over Andrew’s brain, confused as to why his own body isn’t putting itself in fifth gear to catch up to everybody else, yet he still has more common sense than the rest…for the most part.
When Andrew is not indulging in his “meditation” (by the encouragement of Maury to do it for every last deranged fantasy setup possible), it’s the friendship we seen shown with Nick that is genuinely touching, that has a real portrayal of exactly how hard it can be for teens going through puberty to navigate relationships, when they are growing up at different rates.

“From left to right is Jay, Andrew and Nick”

Now I will admit that this show will take a few episodes to win you over (unless you already are a big fan of these kind of shows to begin with) and really get a feel for what the heart of the show is. As from the start you get throw sexual themes and imagery within context of middle-school children at all sides, but once you’ve watched a few chapters and the serialized aspects of the show kicks in, the ensemble can be immersive. Kids discovering, misunderstanding, and even getting freaked out by each other’s plus their own bodies is the crux that will keep you hooked, as it’s always present. Yet once you get to episodes that’s about delves into different things and not just sexual discovery, the show suddenly feels fuller and more realized.

Nearly all 10 episodes run at about 25 minutes each, but while it can be watched one episode at a time at different dates, it’s clear the show has been made with binge-watching in mind.
Also it must be made apparent by me that this show is good to watch alone, but it’s even better when watching it with friends and/or family that has the same humor for these kinds of shows. That is what I did when watching the first few episodes with my brother-in-law, we couldn’t breathe laughing so much together.

“From left to right Andrew, Nick and Jessie at the movies”

That is why I highly recommend using a day in the weekend to binge-watch it with someone else as the enjoyment only gets better with each other reminiscent together than alone.

Really, if Big Mouth were just a series of jokes about how weird and gross puberty is, it probably wouldn’t amount to more than a decent way to kill some time during a slow day. However, the show achieves a new, deeper level of comedy by remaining hyper aware of the fact that puberty isn’t just bodies changing, but about essentially what it means to grow up at all.

Big Mouth gets without a shred of doub an:

8 out of 10 Gang of Three Text

Big Mouth is simply a great series to watch by yourself and with friends, it has a relatable theme we all know too well, so diving into the story is just too juicy to not try it at least once. I highly recommend for you to give it a go and since it’s on Netflix, you can binge it straight away.

Nevertheless, what is your opinion about this show? Was it good or bad? Did it achieve greatness or did it falter in its execution? Write it down in the comments for us to talk about it.

Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

3 comments on “Big Mouth Review: Relatable with Dark Humor

  1. I haven’t watched this yet but I have heard good things, at a first glance it didn’t appeal to me either maybe I should give it a chance!

    • I recommend at least watching 3-5 episodes, but while it’s good to watch alone, it becomes a whole ‘nother experience when you watch it with friends or family. Do tell me what you think of it 🙂

  2. I just found out about this show this past weekend and I freaking love it. My brother put me into it, and I’ve been watching about an episode a night. I wish I’d had it when I was growing up lol.

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