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My thoughts on…Bethesda at E3

I enjoy Bethesda, they’ve made some good games…great games even and now they are back once again at E3, to show off what they have in store for gamers all over the world.

However, this press conference was a lot shorter than I had expected. Since last year they just came through unexpectedly with a ton of awesome stuff. This time though…it was quite something on its own.

What was most notable about Bethesda’s conference, was that in total, they only showed off around nine games, in which all nine would be coming out this year.

So what games exactly was shown? Although not a lot, it’s still worth taking a good look a, while giving out my opinion for each one. Just remember that these opinions are my own and may be different from yours.


Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider

To the much loved and acclaimed Dishonored series, comes out a standalone expansion titled Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider.
You as the player will be put in the shoes of Meagan Foster, an ally to Emily and Corvo in Dishonored 2. The cinematic trailer showed Meagan using the power given by the mark of the Outsider, to teleport and killing off soldiers via stealth, which led her to a room where she meets Daud, the main antagonist of the first Dishonored game and who now looks to be the star of this expansion.

I played the first Dishonored, but sadly never completed it as other big games came into my peripheral vision. Though I can still remember how the atmosphere was, how awesome it was to use Corvo’s abilities and trying to do everything non-lethal and never get caught.
Even to this day, the theme of its soundtrack “The Drunken Whailer” is stuck in my mind with the creepy child singing the lyrics.

It will be interesting to see how this game will play out as this was only a cinematic trailer, but hardly much will be changed from Dishonored 2’s mechanics. So I will keep an eye out for it and potentially, get it as a bundle with Dishonored 2.



There isn’t much to be said here other than DOOM will be bringing its first-person shooter into the world of virtual reality. It looks to be adding a sort of teleportation mechanic, but it will maintain the game’s fast pace and demon-disembowling, hard hitting action.

I can see some will enjoy this. However, this is not a game for me…DOOM never was, even when though I appreciate how awesome it looked, when the new DOOM game came out last year of 2016. So this is not one I will be getting anytime soon.


Elder Scrolls Legends – The Heroes Of Skyrim

Last year Bethesda came out with a free-to-play card game based on the Elder Scrolls franchise, presented with the name of Elder Scrolls Legends.
This time around…they are bringing their next expansion to the game and it will be called “The Heroes Of Skyrim”. It is said that it will add 150 new cards to the game that introduces new mechanics, like the iconic Shouts and plenty of dragons as well.

Now I haven’t gotten around to play this game yet, even if it is free, simply because I’m in love with playing Gwent, Hearthstone and Yu-Gi-Oh (both Duel Links and TCG). Yet with the new expansion coming out soon, I might get my hands on it and see how fun it actually is to play. All that I can hope is that the expansion will be free and not something to be paid like in Hearthstone.


Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online is the MMO that Bethesda and Zenimax made, which is based in the Elder Scrolls universe…around a 1,000 years before the events of Skyrim takes place.
Not so long ago on June 6, 2017 did the major expansion Morrowind get released for all to play (although you need to pay for the expansion first, it isn’t free). This time around, Bethesda announced that it will be getting two new DLC packs called “The Horn of the Reach” and “Clockwork City”. What these will have is only something time will tell, but I think its cool to see the game evolve even more, since it really had a rough start when it first was released.


The Evil Within 2

Not long after a weird, sort of psychedelic teaser trailer was shown that revealed itself to be the sequel to horror game, The Evil Within that came out back in 2014. Not much was shown other than it was going to be developed by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s studio, and the story would involve you, having to save your daughter.

I was never interested in The Evil Within, since I have a really love and hate…mostly hate relationship with horror games. There is a certain appeal but granted it is the “scare factor” that puts me off with more anger than being scared.
Still, I have been thinking about getting the first game at a sale and see if it will make me interested in the second game.


Fallout 4 VR

Great news has come for the owners of the HTC Vive VR platform. They will be able to experience the positively received Fallout 4, in its post-apocalyptic Boston glory with a virtual reality experience. The trailer showed off a montage of crazy moments, like firing a Fat Man at a Deathclaw, trying to put on a power armor as well as some of the more serene base building.
There seemed to be artificial locomotion, which means players aren’t bound to go teleporting in order to get around.

While I enjoyed Fallout 4 from start to finish, I honestly don’t see this being more than a ride like in an amusement park. You like it for a few times but move on quickly after that. Who knows, I might be wrong on this game.


Skyrim On Switch

The critically acclaimed game from Bethesda…Skyrim…is finally coming to the Swtich and its getting some new features, those also includes the all good Amiibo support. It was shown that you can scan a Link Amiibo and it will unlock the Master Sword in-game as well as armor, Hyrule shield and such. Not only that, but like in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a giant chest will appear in front of you, after scanning an Amiibo figurine.
Archers also seems that they can use the Joy-Cons’ motion controls to shoot down enemies.

Still to this day I love Skyrim, everytime I start up the game, I get completely sucked into the world and hardly register the hours of time that goes by in a flash. So to see the game coming to the Switch, is a joy, since I can get to play it while going somewhere on a trip.

Although it is sad to see just how much that Bethesda wants to milk Skyrim, much in the same way that SEGA did…or still does I suppose with Sonic the Hedgehog. So we can hope that the next Elder Scrolls game will get a confirmation some time in 2018, or at least 2020.



Quake Champions

It seems that the next thing Bethesda wants to invest in, is the esport scene and that is what they’ll do with Quake Champions. Which is from the trailer shown to be back in open beta, where everyone can sign up on the official website. There will also be a $1 million competition happening on August 26, 2017 during QuakeCon, this will be called Quake World Championships.
In addition, Wolfenstein protagonist BJ Blazkowicz will be on the Quake roster as a playable character.

There isn’t much I can say here other than it is good, that more games will be entering the esport scene for teams to have the chance to win a high amount of money. Other than that, I never liked Quake nor played it more than a couple of times back in the day. So this isn’t something I’m interested in, but perhaps some of you might be.


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Finally as the finale to Bethesda’s press conference was a direct sequel to 2014’s Wolfenstein: The New Order, which was revealed to go by the name of Wolfenstein: The New Colossus.
Returning to the fast action pased, Nazi killing, long franchise protagonist is BJ Blazkowicz. This time around he’ll be fighting and doing operations in a Nazi-occupied America with a new cast of characters, which seems to be in the time of 1960’s, where in the real world the Civil Rights Movement took place. So who knows if that may have some part to play as it comes out later this year.

I have played the old Wolfenstein games and it was a blast, never tried Wolfenstein: The New Order though, even if it seemed to be a very good game, it just never caught my interest during my exhaustion for the “NAZI’S ARE ALWAYS EVIL” in media. However, there might be a chance I will give this a shot when it comes out, yet I will wait for its reviews before making my move.


Overall thoughts

Well to be totally honest, I think Bethesda really flopped this year. It seemed like they didn’t know what to show exactly, so they just threw something together, called it Bethesda land (though I did like the animation style) and showed it forth at E3.

I had hoped that some news of the next Elder Scrolls game, just a teaser or some art that will give us something to look forward to. Or even better, something from the rumors that have been circling the internet about a new IP from them. Alas it was not meant to be. Instead we got a very mediocre show to impressed by, and with all the games being presented it was clear that only very few had some interest for me.
These games would have to be Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, The Evil Within and Elder Scrolls Legends: The Heroes Of Skyrim. Other than that, nothing really made me jump in my chair with excitement.

All I can say is, I’m not mad…just dissapointed by Bethesda at this year’s E3.


So what is your guys opinons about this, did you find it enjoying or were you like me dissapointed. Tell me down in the comments and get a conversation started as I’m always interested in your view points.

Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

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