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My thoughts on…Sony show at E3

Once again the second of three titans returned to the stage of E3, every past E3 Sony had put on amazing show for the audience to enjoy with live orchestral music, as well as using actors like we were in a theater.
So far other companies had presented a pretty interesting lineup of games and with only two companies left, it’s time to see what Sony can bring to the table for us gamers that we can look forward to, in both 2017 and 2018.

All I know is that there will be many games I hope they present this year. Nevertheless, what are the games that were shown exactly? Well, that is what I will dive into, the waters known as Sony’s E3 press conference.

Just remember that these are my opinion and they may seem somewhat different from yours.


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

The show starts off with some oddly, yet charming bit of live music by a small group of musicians on carbet, behind is a waterfall shown with some symbols. Together with the music, it becomes clear it sounds like a theme and that is exactly what it is, as the game being revealed, is none other than the standalone game to Naughty Dog’s Uncharted franchise, going to be called Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.
The story trailer being shown for the game has Chloe Frazer from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, who is on a solo adventure trying to find a lost treasure with a companion.

I find this standalone DLC to be interesting as you get to play Chloe who I always thought Nathan should had ended up with since Uncharted 2. Now while it might be the same type of Indiana Jones-esque action adventure, it does seem to have a good story with some likable characters.
So while I might not get it at launch, it will be something I will keep my eye on as 2017 progresses.


Horizon Zero Dawn DLC

The next game to be shown quickly after was from Killzone developer Guerilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn, which will be getting a DLC, that is going to expand the world and story with more content. The DLC will be going with the name of “The Frozen Wilds” as it comes out later this year.

I still haven’t finished Horizon Zero Dawn yet, but since from the start I fell in love with the game. The world, lore, characters, Aloy and her journey to understand herself better in the world she lives in. So to hear it will be getting a DLC which not only furthers her character development, but also gives more story and hunting is something I will be getting once it gets out on Playstation Store.


Days Gone

MOAR ZOMBIES!!! WE WANT MOAR ZOMBIES…yeah it didn’t come as a suprise what I was getting, when Sony Bend’s game that got a show-stopping reveal last year, Days Gone came onto the stage.
The gameplay trailer showed a world very reminiscent of ABC’s The Walking Dead series, with the main hero jumpin on his motorcycle and driving through the world of the game. What was suprising though was the sight of zombie wolves or zombie dogs…it was hard to tell because of the torn up flesh on their bodies…who followed him a while on the road. To then seeing a little of stealth combat against other human AIs, however there was a reveal of a zombie bear as well.

While Days Gone may seem really cool, it just doesn’t have the appeal for me with it being a zombie game. I’m sure there will be many great elements of a good story and characters to enjoy, but this game is not something I will be getting at release date. Rather I would wait until some time has gone by and it can be bought on sale, because it does not interest me at all.


Monster Hunter: World

The next game was something I had not seen coming but was very happy to welcome with a big smile and open arms.
Revealed to be coming to the Playstation 4 later this year, is Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise with their next title being Monster Hunter: World. In this you can scale walls, do some sort of leap attack onto monsters, kite monsters as you are backtracking to traps you’ve set up for it, cook food and much more. It appears that the game will have a lot of intriguing elements, like a grappling hook, shooting flares and some sort of machine gun-like firearm.

I have never in my life played Monster Hunter…well perhaps the demo that came out last year, but that only for like 15 minutes before it said you had to buy it, so in hindsight it wouldn’t really count. However, the game itself from what I have seen on streams, videos and read about, it always looked to be a fun game to play with yourself but had a social aspect I had not seen before. So since the game will be launching on the PS4 later this year I think, it really is no difficult choice that I want to finally dip my feet into this game and enjoy what so many others before me have done on the 3DS.


Shadow of the Colossus

A remaster of the already remastered version of 2005’s critically acclaimed game from Team Ico, namely Shadow of Colossus is in the works. The trailer revealed very little with its details, though the game seems to will have current-gen visuals, or rather a better word to use would be enhancements. While it does look good, it was baffling to see the game being remade once again from the already HD version that came out with ICO on PS3 back in 2011.
It was revealed in the trailer that the game is said to have a release at an unspecified date in 2018.

Shadow of the Colossus was a good game, played it back on PS2 and when the HD collection came out. However, the one thing that puzzles me is why it needs a remaster or remake once again after 6 years. Maybe it was because of the success that came from The Last Guardian, which came out last year on December 6, 2016. This game will have a maybe on it, since more interesting games will becoming out that takes priority over this one. Though I can see why many people will look forward to it.


Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

Up next was Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, the next fighting game in line for the series, which now has taken away with the over-the-top 3-on-3 fighting from its previous games, and now goes over to be using 2-on-2 fights instead. It will also be introducing the Infinity Stones from Marvel’s universe, this is going to be a new mechanic that can provide you with unique abilities in battle. Sort of like ultimates from other fighting games.

I had Marvel vs Capcom 3: Ultimate on my PS3 and while I did have some fun with it. “Ultimately” it was so boring in the end it has done nothing else, but gather stuff on my shelf. So when I saw this game coming up, not only did I not care but almost every well reckognised character had a shitty looking model to it. Now this might just be the art style they are going for, but I will not be getting this game even though I really like fighting games.


Call of Duty: WWII

For the first time in over 10 years, this year’s Call of Duty has gotten rid of the futuristic warfare setting and gone back to the roots with World War II as its theme. The trailer being revealed on stage, showed that the story will be you following a young soldier from the US 1st Infantry Division in his time at the gates of hell. It willl also be faithful to its historical origins, where you will witness moments like D-Day invasion of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge.
To boot it shows off to be really good looking on the PS4.

I grew up on some of these games, still have Call of Duty: Rising Sun for the PS2 sitting on the shelf with many late night memories, trying to beat the game on the hardest difficulty together by myself or with my friends from time to time. So to see that they are going back is a fantastical news to discover, but while the game may be good, I am a little sad to see we still can’t go away from the World War games and explore in different time periods, where the first person shooting genre can be used. Nevertheless, it is great news that we will be getting something old and familiar back but with a different way of playing it from before.


Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep

Final Fantasy XV is getting a new VR game shown to have the name Monsters of the Deep. Unlike the last VR game game to Final Fantasy XV, which was simply a shooting gallery-esque title, this new component will primarily be focusing on fishing.

So since you can spend a lot of time catching all kinds of different sea or lake creatures, yes even very big ones revealed in the trailer. It does seem that you’ll also spend time hanging our with the game’s characters during more quieter moments, like sitting around the open campfire as you cook food. It is from the trailer unclear if Monsters of the Deep will have the previous shooting mini VR game. Still the trailer was interesting and seemed to be a lot of fun.

For me the fishing mini game in Final Fantasy was one of the best aspects in the game. Not only was it fun to battle against the creatures of the sea in order to obtain ingredients for “A NEW RECIPE!”, or to just fill out your journal for the many types that was catchable. Yes, I really enjoyed fishing, to the part of spending multiple ingame days, which would be up to a full day in real time just going around reeling in various fish.
So when this VR title was announced for the PSVR, I couldn’t help but shout a big happy “AWESOME” as the possibility to fish in the world in first person perspective, would be nothing more than many hours of fun.



During the press conference from Sony, they suddenly showed a small sample of a brand-new IP on the PSVR called Moss. The trailer showed to be focusing on the adventures of a small mouse, on which him heads on a long journey exploring the wilderness, all the while a spirit – that is the player – guides him and helps him during complex puzzles, as well as other obstacles that will come along the way.
It looks to be quite the intriguing title, with focusing perspective and guiding this little mouse character along his journey. PSVR seems to be utilizing some cleverness of a mixture between one of its VR shortfilms and  the game Tearaway Unfolded.

I for one got reminiscent of the movie “The Secret of Nimh” when Moss came onto the stage show, and even if not much was shown, it was still enough for me to interested enough that I would like to play this game once it launches for the PSVR.


The Inpatient

Until Dawn game developer Supermassive came back in the press conference, when their newest game got announced: The Inpatient is its name and it’s coming to the PSCR. Where at first look it was clear that this game is going to stay in the horror genre, but perhaps it will take a more psychological approach, rather than a blended mess of all horror tropes in one slasher type story.
The PSVR game had a spooky first-person cinematic trailer, which featured a menacing sanatorium. The sanatorium did actually seemed to be the same on that appeared in Until Dawn, so this might be a prequel or just in the same universe. Although there weren’t any word on a release date for the game, it will be a Playstation exclusive.

I hated Until Dawn, though it was hilarious after some drinks with my friends. The game was beautiful to look at with its rendering of character models, the way it looked almost realistic was a joy. However, the game itself made me more angry for how stupid the plot and difficulty was.
There might be a possibility that I will keep an eye out for this game, but I won’t put my bets on it, since I don’t enjoy or even like horror games (and no they don’t scare me, just piss me off most of the time).


Star Child

Next game in the lineup of VR titles, Sony revealed a completely new game for the PSVR called Star Child. The short first trailer from its developers Playful, had many colours that were decent to look at and ended in an epic boss battle. There was little else to go on, but it did look interesting in my opinion.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

So if a already known Switch version wasn’t enough for you…or the fifteen other times it got shown. The critically acclaimed 6 year old RPG Skyrim is also coming to PSVR. In this you’ll be able to do all the different ways to fight in skyrim, using magic, shooting with arrows, wielding weapons and shields…all within the virtual reality goodness.

There’s nothing I can say here, other than it might be fun for a few hours to do but how many times, can what is a good game be force fed down our throats or shoved hard in our faces, before enough is enough. It wasn’t long ago that Skyrim got a PS4 HD-ish version. So who knows how this will play out…me? I’m not going to play this, I have enough fun with the PC or PS3 version.


God of War

Next up in the games being shown at Sony’s press conference was the much loved franchise and anticipated God of War. Finally developer Santa Monica came out with a trailer that fleshed out more of the story, but not spoiling too muc, just enough to get us invested in Kratos’ new adventure with his son.

I still look forward to this game, since it’s based in Nordic mythology with Jörmungandr making an appearance in the story trailer. While the game itself will probably come out around Fall 2018, any news are more than welcome as I will be getting this game when it launches.


Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream and famous (also hated) developer David Cage is back with his newest game Detroit: Become Human, a Playstation 4 exclusive that in its newest trailer will feature androids who will rise up against humans. Though the choices you take will have an outcome on how the story unfolds, and what the destiny of the main characters will have for an outcome.

Honestly, when the game first showed some teasers with a few androids saying that “this were their story”, I was intrigued. However, as soon as the first real trailer hit the interne, so much was interesting that I kept guessing as to how it will probably be like a mystery game and might feature both androids living in human society, but also humans trying to get along with them.
Now it’s a rebellious story where the androids will rise up against humans and even transcend them if I got the story right. So while I’m still interested in seeing what the game will be like, I was quite dissapointed to see the way the game was headed instead.


Destiny 2

The sequel to Bungie’s online multiplayer shooter, Destiny 2 has the Guardians in a rough spot. The Tower has fallen and the Traveler is under siege from an invading Cabal force, where it’s up to you to explore new areas and fight back. Though the Sony show came up and revealed that PS4 will get exclusive stuff when the game launches later this year. First up Playstation 4 owners of Destiny 2 will get a strike, pvp map and exotic weapons.

Really I have nothing to say for this other than I have no problem with Playstation getting exclusives. Since it doesn’t play with Xbox or PC, it’s like an extra thank you gift for playing the game on that specific console. Although I would like the exclusiveness being extended to Xbox and PC players as well, that way everybody will get something that the other doesn’t have and can enjoy some content that is their own.


Marvel’s Spider-Man

Probably the biggest stealer of Sony’s press conference was the final game to be shown, which is Marvel’s Spider-Man developed by Insomniac Games, the guys behind the Resistance series, the fantastic Sly Cooper as well as all time favorite Ratchet and Clank.
What was brought to the stage was a new, 9 minute-long gameplay trailer that revealed a good amount with previews of the combat, stealth and the well known web-slinging gameplay. Action is mixed in what we know from Arkham series and the great gameplay from Spider-Man 2 on PS2 as well as all of New York to travel in. The trailer shows that everything runs at real time from cinematics, to the pure gameplay when playing as an older, much more experienced Peter-Parker.

I’m so happy to see my favorite childhood superhero getting a new game and one that looks to surpass Spider-Man 2, also Ultimate Spider-Man now that I think about the best Spider-Man games which has come out the past 15 years or so. Everything looked fantastic, the city, the characters, even just the graphics alone but oh man was the gameplay looking fun.
This is probably the one game I want to own no matter what, however with a release date sometime in 2018. It will have to be quite the waiting game, but I would rather have they delayed a bunch of time to bring the best game possible instead of rush it out the door. Plus Insomniac have said they are working close with Marvel to ensure they stay true to the materials.


Overall thoughts

I must say Sony put on a pretty interesting show at this year’s E3, although it didn’t have quite the punch and “wow” factor the previous years. Though I can think it might be because they are content with what they have in store for us gamers, but also because they are more focused on 2018. So maybe they will come back next year’s E3 to put on a real show.
This is also a thing I wanted to point out, Sony seemed to be the only company so far that has made it like a show to watch when you sat in the theater (it is worth watching the livestream of their press conference).

Still there were quite the games Sony showed that I found interesting and actually would like to own on launch day.
The fishing VR title for Final Fantasy XV might not be for all, but to me the base game had the best fishing mini game, which includes its mechanics from all other games in the industry. This means that if you really enjoy this aspect and you are getting a full game with just that, it truly is many hours of fun (even if I may be a minority).
Other than that what took the cake for me was still Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac. Everything about it was just so good, that all I can say is watch the gameplay trailer and see the many hints, while also enjoy that you are getting a good Spider-Man game…who knows, maybe Insomniac are the ones we should look towards for a future Superman game.

I liked Sony’s press conference, it wasn’t boring by any means but it wasn’t as strong a show like last year was.
Nevertheless, it isn’t a discussion without me being able to read you guys’ perspectives on this. So write down on the comments what you thought about the Sony press conference, was it good or pure garbage and why exactly? What games is on your radar for the PS4 or will you be skipping it all because it’s not worth it?

Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

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