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Wonder Woman (2017) Review – The Hero We Need But Don’t Deserve

Wonder Woman, a journey of Diana coming to war. This reviews delves into what I think of it, both good and bad.

So I finally got a chance to watch the new Wonder Woman movie some time after its initial release and how did it go? It was worth every money I paid, every mile I walked to see it. So just to be safe before moving on, beware of some spoilers in this review but I will try to keep it as spoiler free as possible. We good?… Alright let’s get to it then.

Justice League quickly shown before logo of DC

This movie had first of all a new way of introducing the DC logo, very much the same way that Marvel does but they used 3D characters instead og comic strips. Not only was is lovely to look at many of my favorite superheroes. However, it also positively showed that DC have embraced their universe and are ready to combat Marvel and Universal for their shared universes, in this big fight which has arrived in this industry.

However, it’s not the universe of DCEU we are talking about…well…maybe a little, but rather Wonder Woman to which the majority of the movie takes place decades before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice even has begun. With that said, this movie is honestly my second favorite to have come out of the DCEU movies that has come out so far, my favorite is still Man of Steel.

Now, it was clear before I even went into the cinema that a lot of the reviews that came flying through social media was positive, quite positive actually. It put a smile on my face, knowing that so many was both loving it as well as praising it, for what it had accomplished. Still it seemed like the positivity couldn’t last for long as the dark negative aura of the people who tried to politicize, bash, tear through or just try to “correct” what was wrong with this movie. So many controvies and agendas towards it, all just trying to grasp at straws which could confirm some sort of bias. Some of these were that the movie was banned from screening in Lebanon, due to Gal Gadot being Israli (to that I say “poppycock”), people saying that Gal Gadot is too beautiful to be the icon Wonder Woman always has been through the ages of comics, the strange thing that happened when Austin tred to do a ladies-only screening, just the ludicrous assertions that men around the world wouldn’t enjoy watching a movie where a female heroine saves the world (this have by reviews and social media alike been proven to be untrue)… To be honest it’s all so stupid I couldn’t make this up even if I wanted to, and boy would it be fun if I could.

The only hope I had for this movie was that it wouldn’t end up dissapoint me to the point, that the part of my soul which loves superheroes from when I was a kid. Would be ripped out and stomped upon so a healing process were nigh impossible for me. Then something happened…

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman using her braces to defend herself

I ended up really enjoying the movie, though it didn’t blow me away and make want to shout “BEST SUPERHERO MOVIE EVER!” as I walked out of the cinema. It did however, show a movie that made me see a real hero going on a journey and turn into something you can stand behind or believe in when times get murky.

To be true, it was a refreshing sight when the movie stuck to its guts with quickly glancing over the starting point of the movie, where we are once again introduced to Diana. This time though, we are not in some fictional New York, but instead in France or Paris to be exact. Here, Diana is working at the Louvre in some sort of arcitectual field that relays back to her origins and the time of her people. Then a package arrives from Wayne Enterprises, to which we the audience see that Bruce had sent her the original photo taken of her back in the early 20th century. We then get the story told by Diana of how she came to be and where she is from

Welcome to Themyscira

Cut to a beautiful island which looks to be around in Greece. This is Themiscyra, home to the Amazon women who through ages have been there, hidden away from the world of man. Here lives young Diana, daughter of Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) as the only child of the tribe. She wants to discover what it means to be an Amazon much to the dismay of her mother. Though she gets to be trained by the best warrior among them all, known as Antiope, she trains Diana hard in order to become the perfect warrior and all goes well until one fateful day, where Diana sees an airplane crash into the sea. This is where she saves the pilot revealed to be a man called Steven Trevor (Chris Pine), who reveals that the world is ending and only he can stop it if he gets a notebook made by the bad guys to his superiors back in England.

Diana who knows nothing of the world but believes it’s a god by the name of Ares from hers that is the corruption behind the war. She chooses to travel with Steven to his world with a rag tag group of strange individuals taken right out of ye ol’ Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), in hopes that by killing Ares, the war will end and everybody would lay down their arms to rejoice as peace would have arrived.

However, when she finally makes it to where the war is. Suddenly everything is made clear that nothing is as black and white, which Diana sees with her eyes. That it is more of a grey morality where there is no set good or bad guy.

I could keep typing about every single little peace this movie is showing, but that would be a major spoiler. So instead let’s go into what this movie does good and what it does bad.



The movie does a fantastic job to create a great an atmosphere in which you as the viewer see and can feel the way that a person coming from a different world, where war and famine…well…mostly war, are the primary roles in which people are suffering, trying to make the world a better place. Which we get to see as Diana reach London and the Western Front in Belgium. In a way it succeeds at evoking real as well as horrifying history by using the chemical weapon “Mustard Gas” as a plot device, to further develop the story.

Now if we go back, there’s also some exposition used to tell the story of how the gods of Olympus made man and the Amazon women. How the fate of the gods went and how Ares the god of War will be returning to be stopped by the Amazon women, wielding the God-Slayer. All of this is shown in what I perceived to be the best part of the film. The way in its 3D characters that holds the image of an old Greek oil painting was a joy to watch, and honestly I would love to see a movie be used in style alone.

One of the better scenes that stands out, which also was included in its trailers, is when Wonder Woman gets up from one of the trenches in “No Man’s Land” and walks towards the Germans, to which she deflects a mortar grenade plus like a rain of arrows, a ton of bullets gets shot against her. This scene alone made me see a hero, one I could rally behind and follow into the fiery depths of hell.

So to boil it all down the visuals in the movie is fantastic to look at, even the cinematography is kept to a precise point that keeps you wanting to look at the scenery. Though the CG could have been used better. As when it all became animated instead of just a little, it looked cheesy and made it less interesting when fights were happening.


The music is oh so good, you can really hear the love that went into it by composer Rupert Gregson-Williams. Just like the movie, the score uses the presentations to its advantage. Although the only three people are talking about, which is “To Be Human”, “No Man’s Land” and Wonder Woman’s theme song. I will only focus on the one which is “No Man’s Land” because, holy shit this song was incredible when it blasted out of the speakers in cinema as the scene where Diana becomes Wonder Woman fit so perfectly together. It simply has everything in 9 minutes of screen time, a goose bumps inducing emotional and melodic beginning, the Wonder Woman theme when she gets out of the trenches, a relentless and rich action motifs as Diana goes to town on the enemy to once again become an emotional piece once the dust settles. In my opinion, Rupert Gregson-Williams have here wrote and produced a song cue that will be remembered for years to come, which others might have a hard time to beat. It’s right up there with Hans Zimmer’s “Flight” from Man of Steel (2013). I can’t stop listening to it and probably won’t in the near future.

An old gang just hanging out with Diana

All the characters are interesting in their own and each have something too them that doesn’t make them boring…well…not too boring. However, this is something that should be given to the actors playing them. Gal Gadot is perfect as Wonder Woman, like Hugh Jackman is the Wolverine. She fits the character and have made it to her own that many will look up to in years to come. Chris Pine does a good job as always, I loved him as Captain Kirk and even loved him here as Steven Trevor…though it was hard to instinguish them, as they reminded of each other a lot. The rag tag group of merry men Diana was following, all played their roles in a way that was convincing of seeing them as characters…not actors alone.

Even the villains was cast and played great. Though the main villain did have some problems in the third and final act which would be going into too much spoilers territory if explained further. Trust me, you need to see it in order to understand that it needed some tweaking in order to be a fantastic villain.


Overall this is movie is doing so many things right, yet falls short on occasion from time to time. The main villain should have been used better instead of a too clich√© bad guy that needs to be beaten in order to win the day. They should have kept him in the shadows, be more of a mind trickster than a man of brawns, like they did in the start. Story is decent, it’s well told in many ways yet it is uninspire, as it brings nothing new to the table of the superhero genre. The humor is light and is kept in check with the characters which plays to its advantage when watching the movie. It let’s you breath when needed and does go down the road of harshness when it had to be shown.

HOWEVER! I just wished that for a movie taking place mostly in Belgium, they would use the right languages instead of a blockbuster-ish version that uses “accents”, because everybody have to speak English for some weird reason. Just one thing more I want talk about…is the lack of blood, for a movie that easy wants to show war and famine only in a very few scenes showed some sort of harsh injuries that showed blood. The rest of the movie, it was like it tried to hard to stay within its PG rating, which honestly is more harmful than advantageous.


I highly recommend Wonder Woman as it has more pros than cons to itself that makes it worth the watch. If it comes out with a director’s cut it should be the one you would get. The movie does have some issues but it’s nothing that takes away from an joyful evening. So all in all, Wonder Woman is the hero we need, but certainly not the one we deserve with how much people were trying to harm it in every sort of way.

Wonder Woman get the score of a well deserved:

8 out of 10 Gang of Three Text

This move is worth every money spent on it and a must have if you like superhero movies.


Nonetheless, this wouldn’t be a review if I also didn’t hear your opinion about it. So tell me down below in the comments your viewpoints as I always like to hear them and talk with you about them. Was the movie the best ever?

Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

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