Things are looking good towards the horizon!

Hello there, how are things going for you guys? Time has been nonexisting for me, ever since I started taking classes again I’ve had almost no energy at all to write, game or even watch any movies at all.

This will not change much, but to combat this I have set up a schedule for when I will be posting the few upcoming reviews I’ve been working on. So to give a clear picture on how it will be from now on and until I’ve finished my classes the next couple of months will be like this; 

First, there will be two reviews a month coming up on the blog. However, that could change where a few extras could be uploaded as well. Unfortunately I will always stay with two each month and will point out they won’t have neither a specific time or date other than it will be around the weekend.

Secondly, the main part that will be uploaded all the time which could at the same time come up as the review, will be news updates, they won’t come out each day but I will strive to upload as often as possible when I find something that’s interesting to point out. 

Thirdly, I won’t apologise for my laziness, this is something I need to own up towards. Though I can point out that things are looking good towards the horizon. Learning a new language from zero to intermediate level has become an interesting journey, the other is learning more ways to make interviews or look at how to talk about the ways media industry is forever changing. To the way we can talk about how games or films are made from scratch to the product we get to try out in the end.
Hope you all are having a good month. Thanks for reading as always and I hope you look forward to a more precise work schedule on this blog. If you want to stay up to date on when I do stuff, do follow me on my Twitter and Facebook page, not only will the blog posts come out there, but I will mostly update and talk about anything over there.

Do tell me however, what you’re thoughts are on this. I would love to know your input on this.

Stay cozy and have a nice day!

Gamer, blogger, Youtuber and lover of all film. A guy who loves to analyze stuff and from that, give his opinion about everything in form of news, reviews, simple commentary and occasionally chucking down his coffee while doing it.

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