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TECH NEWS – Oculus purchases Danish eye-tracking tech specialist!

Early yesterday on January the 3rd, the virtual reality titan Oculus went out and purchased something called The Eye Tribe, a Danish eye-tracking technology that after the company’s own words “Wants to rethink how we interact with digital worlds and consumer tech using our eyes”.

This is in my opinion fantastic news, not only that more from Denmark is coming out to the worlds amazement, but also that the state of virtual reality is going to be moved even further than it has before.

News website Techcrunch confirmed the rumored acquisition and reports that Oculus now owns 100% of the startup for the tech, though no reveal had come to light for the cost of such deal between the two companies.


The Eye Tribe is a skilled veteran of the eye-tracking space, having being formed back in 2007 by four students who met at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Since then, the company has expanded up to 16 full time employess, while also made around $3 million through investsments and government grants after it shipped its first eye tracking software development kit.

The eye-tracking tech itself is compatible with a number of platforms, including tablets, smartphones and PCs, where it is ultimately designed for “simplified and enhanced user experiences”.
However, it is not clear as of yet what direction the studio will take, or just in what form it will operate under the banner and guidance of Oculus.

Of course, the best assumption to make for this deal at all is that The Eye Tribe will be tasked with bringing this interesting technology and its capabilities to the Oculus Rift headset.


What is your take on these new? I’m interested in knowing your thoughts, so tell me down in the comments.

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