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GAME NEWS – Sad news for Pixelmage Games!

It’s with a sad heart that not so long ago, Everquest (anybody still know this MMO?) co-creator John Smedley’s fairly new studio, Pixelmage Games, has been closed, taking the procedurally generated multiplayer RPG Hero’s Song down with it.

In an article posted earlier today on Rock Paper Shotgun, which this blog post has sprung up from, goes into many details on how it has come to be and is a good read for those of you who need something to read for the small break.

Anyway on to the news itself again. The game received through crowdfunding on indiegogo last almost $100,000, after it had been showing off the skeleton of its simulated worlds in Early Access for a few months, but on Boxing Day, a statement came forth from the development team explaining that development on the game had ended.


On the website is a long letter from the team that explains into more detail on what has happened as well as thanking for all the supporters that helped them in the short time it was being made.

The quote on the website goes as follows; “It’s with a heavy heart that I have to report that Pixelmage Games is going to be shutting down and we have ceased development on Hero’s Song. For the last year, our team has worked tirelessly to make the game we’ve dreamed about making, and with your support, and the support of our investors, we were able to get the game into Early Access. Unfortunately sales fell short of what we needed to continue development. We knew going in that most startups don’t make it, and as an indie game studio we hoped we would be the exception to that rule, but as it turned out we weren’t.”

“Thank you for all the support you showed us. We’re sorry things worked out the way they did, but we feel strongly that we gave it our all and we’re proud of how far we came with the game. The fact that we weren’t able to finish the game is painful, but the journey of making Hero’s Song has been a great experience for us and we’re just sorry we couldn’t take it all the way.

Thank You,

The Hero’s Song team”


I only once got a close look at the trailer for the game when it came out on youtube and why it was an interesting concept, I was more focused on other games at the time. But for those that got to play it, I do hope they enjoyed it even though it was a very early build.


So what is your take on this? Is it a classic case of a company trying to make something with heart but at the wrong time or was it just something more cinister?

Let me know down in the comments as I’m always interested in your thoughts on these type of things.

Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

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