It’s Christmas and so we shall become cozy with an update!

Hell yeah! It’s Christmas, people are readying themselves to be fatten up with delicious food, all around we open presents and celebrate a tradition withheld for hundreds of years.
Where am I going with this? Well I can safely say it’s not because I’m going to be changing the blog toward something else. No, rather I’m here with an update on how things are going, to where I see them go towards.

Now on with the update itself. Since it’s Christmas, I’ll be uploading a few reviews that will go live on the 26th of December and everyday from there until New Year’s Eve. However, I’m changing things up to a different gear as January rolls in, this goes to my Youtube channel as well. What does this mean? Well I’ll be focusing on putting more effort into making my blog posts as well as videos with news in the media industry.

Does this mean something to the reviews? Actually not, it means while I will do news, I will still continue to make reviews on the series/movies I get to watch and the games I get to play…All in all it just means a lot more content will be coming, but while reviews will take it’s time to get putten up, at least once to three times a week, a news blog will pop up.
However, I do have something planned for future events and that will be something that takes place during a specific month, where I will do something each day. Which then can be revealed as an old friend that comes back to be done right this time…Cowboy Bebop month with a review for an episode each day in the month. A journey I still wanted to do and haven’t gotten around to finish.

So I hope these news are something you might like, as I’m looking very much forward to it. Do tell me down in the comments as I always like to hear your opinions.
Stay Cozy and Happy Holidays!

Gamer, blogger, Youtuber and lover of all film. A guy who loves to analyze stuff and from that, give his opinion about everything in form of news, reviews, simple commentary and occasionally chucking down his coffee while doing it.

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