Free Updates are coming to Final Fantasy XV?!

A few days ago Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy XV posted on Square Enix’s blog that through the upcoming year, more things will come to FFXV and in spite of all that, it will be free to get and play!

He goes on stating that “release day is not the end for Final Fantasy XV, and I would like to share some of the things we have in store.” which is interesting but also a little sad (more on that a little later in the post).

The plans they have in store you can look forward to? Well they are planning to add new gameplay enhancements for Chapter 13, buffing ring magic though that will be revealed at a later date. Which goes to the fact as Mr. Tabata explains, they are hoping to delve deeper into the story, adding more scenes to the game that will give you new insight in different character motivations. An example to this was such as why Ravus (Luna’s brother if you play the game or watched Kingsglaive) walked the path he chose.

Though they will need time to make these happen with localization, voice acting and so forth. So long term wise they are as quoted “looking at making certain key characters playable, and even considering the possibility of customizable avatars, in addition to other features over time.”  Now this piques my interest because in the game we’re able to take advantage of other characters that can be used in the four-man-group. Kinda a good throwback to the old games in the series where we could swap out characters for the 3.4 people you could have in the group.

The last thing you can look forward to is as quoted “On top of that, we’re looking at content you can enjoy in real-time, including new bosses with exclusive rewards and achievements, and limited-time hunts.” I’m liking this, it makes it possible to come back to the game for future, limited-timed content which can give you specific items or gear that can’t be bought or found anywhere in the game….almost like an mmo (wait…what?).



After all this, it’s great and interesting to see that the development team is following its fanbase and hearing them out in forums as well as social media to see how they feel about it. Yet it’s also sad to see that so many big game companies to this day rips out content that kinda, should have been there in the first place so the fanbase wouldn’t get annoyed with certain things like the infamous Chapter 13, just so we can get it later through dlc.

However it will be free and you won’t have to get the season pass to enjoy them as they come out. You can read it more here at their blog site.

With that said I’m quite liking this post, it shows Mr. Tabita and his team are listening to us and are doing what CD Projekt Red did with The Witcher 3 and its free content.


Nevertheless, do tell me what you think about these news in the comments. I’m always happy to hear your thoughts about it and it can make for some great conversations.


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