My experience with Pokémon (in spirit of Sun and Moon)

In the spirit of reminiscens and the fact that 20 years has gone by since a little game came out from Nintendo to the world in 1996. Not long after that the anime came out and we finally got to meet Ash and his best friend Pikachu. Which still to this day are traveling around the world, seeing new Pokémon and having a grand adventure.

Many toys and such are selling like hot bread and making every
kid having the biggest smile possible.

Yes, 20 years has past since Pokémon hit the market, our GameBoy machines and from that a way into our hearts with hundreds of hours hunting Pokémons, training them so we could get the badges necessary to defeat the Elite Four just to get the title of Champion.
Although the games have changed quite a lot, the formular has stayed the same generation after generation. Even with the 7th generation on its way this year, we can all lay back and remember the time we had with our first experience in the world of Pokémon.

I can stil remember the time when I sat in my parents’ Mazda, travelling towards different places, visiting friends and family. Even on many days where I was just relaxing at home, in school or being sick. All those time I can remember everything from Pokémon Red which was the first game I got to play. Still to this day I can recall most tunes of the music from the game, the rival Gary which I in later years began to call different names that are not safe for work in the eyes or ears of a child.

The many fights I had with the gym leaders, champions and even my friends as we battled and even traded our dearest Pokémons to each other, it was all such a good time I will cherish in my heart, and hopefully one day I would be able to play it with my own kids when they are in the age to have an interest.

But to get back on the topic, Satoshi Tajiri has together with Nintendo given a gift to the world that every child and adult alike, love to play even to this date.
Also with the many other games coming out to various platforms it is good to see people in many places can get a touch and look into the world of Pokémon.

Now after 20 years of playing every generation until the 6th, I can admit that I do not have the same fire to play the same game again, but I can from the point of view in my eyes see that the next generation will be just as amazed as we were the first time we met this world.
So I’m happy to see that it is still going strong as it was, happy to hear that there will be new types of Pokémon, new strategies to be made with the new mechanics and newer worlds to explore.

But if you will excuse me, I will go back to enjoy a good melody from my childhood while making a toast as I say “Thank you Satoshi and thank you Nintendo, for brining this lovely diamond into our lives”.

So tell me in the comments what you guys’ experience with the Pokémon franchise and how you stand on it today. I’m always interested in your viewpoints.

Stay cozy and have a nice day!

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