Rocket League Review

Ahh Rocket League, how you managed to bring two things I enjoy to watch together in such a simple way is beyond me. It’s fascinating to see how this game became so popular in so little time over the cause of Summer.

Rocket League is a game made by Psyonix and it’s a gem among other games this year, because this game is freaking awesome. The game is physic based and the rules are simple to follow. You drive a rocket powered car around in arena trying to score the
large ball into the opposite goal.

The game itself is simple enough in its presentation and gameplay. There is for you an option to play either online or offline. Although the offline section is good enough for practice, the game really shines when you go take a look at the online section instead.
There are two ways you can play online, one is the normal way where you play with others for fun in up to four different playmodes. 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and the all hilarious “Chaos Mode” 4v4. On the other hand the real match begins when you’re going into Ranked.

What you might not know is that this game is a sequel from Psyonix’s first game called “Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars”, and in terms of being a sequel, it’s not well produced. The game feels seems more of a downgrade than a proper
extention for the first game.

The music is pretty good and catchy but you can only listen to it in the main menu, as soon as the game starts you only have the ambient sounds of a cheering squad and the surroundings of the arena you are in.

Controls are very well executed, you can do several flips with your car to get the ball in many directions towards the opponents goal. You can drive up the wall to hit the ball away, but that’s not all. Since it’s “rocket cars” we are driving, there’s also boost to be
used and this boost cannot only just give you that slight edge to reach the other end or the ball faster, but you can also fly to reach the ball high up in the air and get that awesome goal in the last second.

There are two cameras, one to focus on the ball and one which is a more free cam, where you have a small arrow indicating where it is.

So if you like sport games, get this game. If you like cars, get this game. Even if you just like games to play with your friends for a few hours, where the mechanics are simple, but there’s a steep learning curve? GET THIS GAME!

Nevertheless, for a price tag of 20$ and with a dlc for 4$ it’s a game worth buying and play with friends or foes.

Stay cozy and have a nice day, see ya!

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