My Thoughts on Overwatch Animated Short “Infiltration”

So, after this long time of being teased, the many theories and analogies that fans have come up with about who and what Sombra is, it finally got revealed.

From this the animated short titled “Infiltration” by Blizzard we not only get an entertaining piece showcasing how Reaper hates her but also how the character works and it was a good animation to watch. It won’t become their top tier like some of the others they have made, however it does give a good glimpse into how Sombra works as a character both gameplay and lore wise.

Clearly from the video we can see that she is as the title says an infiltrator, so she probably will be a defender character. However, her abilities are what intrigues me the most. It’s a mixture between Tracy, Widowmaker and Torbjörn in that she is mobile moving around and can counter mostly everybody and their ults or abilities.

Let’s hope all players in Overwatch will be able to play her to her strength and outplay most people’s strategies to the point that everybody’s games will have to be switched around so new metas can be formed.


What do you guys think about Sombra? I’m always interested in your perspectives.

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