One Punch Man Review

In a day and age where monsters terrorize the world in different cities. Heroes are working both together and by themselves to rid these foul creatures of the face of the Earth.
Midst all this we meet our main character of the story, he’s a hero for fun as it is his favorite hobby and all it takes for him to stop the monsters…is just ‘one punch’. One Punch Man is one of the more suprisingly good anime coming out of 2015. In fact, I will even go so far as to say it’s one of my favorite animes this year alone.

However, apart from that, there are a few things we need to talk about to get a general idea of what the review of this will be…

The animation studio MadHouse took it up to make the anime from the manga, based on the webcomic where it all started. Though it’s an adaptation, it still presents itself with decent to really good animation. Not only that but the clever writing that goes into the
storytelling and characters are what makes this series so awesome. There didn’t go one episode by where I couldn’t stop lauging from how the characters interacted with their situation and each other, to how the comedy was cleverly put in at the moments that could be too serious for viewers.

Nevertheless, this is a show many can watch and get into anime with. It’s easy to follow and I hope MadHouse will continue the series, following the manga to where it’s at. So I recommend it for you to watch if you like heroes, anime and just a fun adventure with a likable protagonist.

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