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To the opening of the movie, I went in and saw this with my brother in law and we both really like this movie. That is why I will write this review as spoiler free as possible, but still beware that some might slip in. We good? Then let’s get on to the review!


Doctor Strange is the 14th movie in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s lineup. This is an origin story right from the get go, but the way it’s being told have it so you can watch it without knowing anything about the previous movies from Marvel. To say shortly, it’s a good standalone and that in on itself is a welcome well received.

This review will be as spoiler free as possible, but prepared still for small amounts. We good? Well let’s get right into the review.

The story tells about Stephen Strange, an acclaimed yet very arrogant neurosurgeon who loses the use of his hands in an accident. After months trying many experimental surgeries and using all resources possible to find a cure so he can get his life back, he embarks on a journey to the east that leads him into the Ancient One and the world of the mystic arts.

From good performances by all actors, the movie still has some flaws in its execution though in its presentation you hardly notice it. This makes the story easy to follow without paying too much attention.

It still has the same Marvel humor as previous Marvel movies, but here they are played to the story and characters rather than humor for the sake of humor.

One problem the movie did had that didn’t take away the experience but is something that would have enhanced it more, was that there wasn’t enough variety in ways showing of “magic” in the movie.

When you go in and watch the movie it’s best done in 3D, since Doctor Strange uses it to its strength, making the visuals more engaging and helps the viewer get a better view on the surroundings as the story unfolds in its climax.


Overall this is a great movie to go in and watch by yourself or with others and for that Doctor Strange gets an 8/10, it’s engaging from start to finish and makes a good note on being both a continuation on the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and standing on its own as a standalone origin. Though with the flaws that it has, it doesn’t take away from the experience and gives a small breath of fresh air to the superhero genre.

So, if you have watched it or is planning to do it. What are your thoughts on it? I’m always interested in your perspectives.

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