Atelier Season 1 Review

Atelier came to me as a surprise when I was casually browsing through Netflix for a new show to watch. After having watched multiple shows on the supernatural mixed with crime and or drama, this show came as a nice refreshment to watch.

Like many shows in its genre, it’s a drama where our maincharacter must go from one point in her life to another, through a chosen world of profession that the show is build
around on. The difference here though is that it all takes place in the fashion design world.
With its diverse characters the show doesn’t grow boring too fast, but I can say that the show in on itself isn’t anything for you if a show that reminds you of an anime but with real people.

Because the actors all do overact from the smallest expression of asking a simple question, to enjoying a specific emotion. It’s all being shown in ways that will both feel and seem out of place.
Tv-shows no matter where they are from can be bashed in every way imaginable to the viewer, but one thing Atelier does well is making is core cast of character memorable after a few episodes into the season. Though they can see simplistic and one sided in their characterestics, I can still remember everybody that has been represented in the show.

So far the first season of Atelier has been quite the rollercoaster of emotions, but it’s well deserved and I hope that a season 2 is in the making. If you need a weekend to relax and have some fun with a show, I highly recommend this for you to give it a shot.

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